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CSEET & CS Executive Official ICSI Modules

Download Official ICSI Modules from LectureKart
Download Official ICSI Modules from LectureKart

Download Latest Official ICSI Modules for CSEET and CS Executive from LectureKart

Are you tired of searching for official CSEET and CS Executive modules by ICSI? If yes, then you have come to the right place. LectureKart has complied all the latest modules for upcoming attempt at one place. We have collated a complete list of all the modules for you. So just click on the links and download the modules.

Latest CS Executive Modules by ICSI

Latest CSEET Modules by ICSI

The modules are zipped files. So if you are downloading these on a Laptop then just unzip the file to some place safe in your computer. If you are on a mobile phone, then just click the file and Android will automatically unzip the PDFs for you. Now go ahead and crack the CS exams like a cracker.

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Happy Learning.

Team LectureKart

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How To Register For CS Executive Program by ICSI

Registration Process for CS Executive Program

Now that you have cleared the first step in the process of becoming a Company Secretary (CS Foundation or CSEET), it is the right time to register yourself for CS Executive. Now keep in mind that this level is not that easy. You just cannot assume that 2 weeks of studies before exams will be sufficient to clear Executive. So this is the right time to start your preparation.

Steps for registration

  1. Click on the link
  2. Before proceeding with the registration, please make sure that you are ready with the soft-copy of the following documents:
    a) Photograph of the candidate
    b) Signature of the candidate
    c) DOB Certificate (10th pass certificate)
    d) Qualification Certificate (12th Mark Sheet or Certificate /ICAI/ICMAI Final Pass Certificate)
    e) Category certificate (Other than general)
    f) Identity proof (Aadhaar Card/Passport/Voter ID /Pan Card/Driving License/Ration Card)

Important Note: All the files should be present in one of the following formats (.JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .PDF). The maximum allowed file size is 2 MB. File size of student photo should be between 20 KB to 50 KB. File Size of student signature should be between 10 KB to 20 KB

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ICSI CSEET Results Aug 2020 | LectureKart

Hello Students and Welcome to LectureKart. Our secret agents have provided us a key information related to the results of recent CSEET attempt. Finally the wait is over and the date of CSEET Result is out.

The Official Result Date of CSEET August, 2020 Attempt is 17 September, 2020 @2.00 pm

ICSI CSEET Aug 2020 Results | LectureKart

So now that you are over the panic phase, lets get real. Now there are two cases from here:


So if this is your case, then congratulations and get ready for upcoming June 2021 attempt of CS Executive. Now keep in mind that CS Executive is not a piece of cake. This level of Company Secretary course requires some good amount of dedication and hard work. In case you are wondering where can you prepare for CS Executive, then you are in luck today. Just subscribe to the LectureKart Youtube Channel and stay updated.


Even if you don’t pass CSEET in this Attempt do not loose hope. WE FALL ONLY TO RISE UP AGAIN. LectureKart is here for you with Fast Track Revision Series. We also got you covered up with our Premium Test Series.
Let’s crack the CSEET in next attempt like a BOSS.

Happy Learning,
Team LectureKart

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ICSI Cancelled Jun Exams & Merged With Dec 2020 Attempt

Copy of Official Announcement by ICSI Appended Below

The ICSI had postponed the Company Secretaries June, 2020 session Examinations for Foundation Programme, Executive Programme (Old and New Syllabus), Professional Programme (Old and New Syllabus) and Post Membership Qualification (pMe) Course examinations (herein after referred as “ICSI Examinations”) scheduled to be held from 1st-10th June, 2020, due to Pandemic Covid 19, was rescheduled to 6th -16th July,2020 and further rescheduled to 18th-28th August,2020. The ICSI is continuously viewing the situation prevailing due to Covid 19 pandemic and took cognizance of the situation being faced by the Students / candidates from the time
to time. Due to the prevailing situation coupled with lockdown, containment zones and prohibitions in many districts in various States have further aggravated the smooth conduct of the ICSI Examinations. Accordingly, with a view to protect the interest of all the stakeholders and in particular students/ candidates and their well-being, the ICSI has decided to merge the June, 2020 session ICSI Examinations with the December, 2o2o Examinations as under :

  1. ICSI Examinations for the June 2020 session which has been merged with the December, 2020 Examinations shall commence from 21’t December, 2020 as per the Examination Time-table which will be released separately.
  2. Examination form already submitted by the students/candidates for the ICSI Examinations, June-2020 session will hold good for ICSI Examinations to be held in December, 2020. Such students/candidates should not apply again. However, such students/candidates may apply online for change of Examination Centre, Module and/or Medium without payment of fee from 26th July, 2020 till 20th November, 2O2O for appearing in ICSI Examinations to be held in December, 2020.
  3. Students/Candidates who have submitted their examination form for the ICSI Examinations, June-2020 session shall be allowed to carryover all benefits available to them including payment of fee and subject-wise exemptions for ICSI Examinations to be held in December, 2020.
  4. Students/Candidates who have submitted examination form for ICSI Examinations, June-2020 session are allowed to add their module(s) with payment of differential examination fee during the above specified period for apearing in ICSI Examinations to be held in December, 2020.
  5. The students/candidates who have not enrolled for ICSI Examinations June, 2020 session may enroll by submitting online examination form together with requisite examination fee from 26th July, 2020 till 25th September,2O2O (without late fee) and up to 9th October, 2020 (with late fee).
  6. The students of Executive Programme (old syllabus) and professional programme (old syllabus) are given opportunity to appear in the examination to be held in December, 2020, as per their old Syllabus.
  7. Separate announcement shall be released in relation to examination for Company Secretaries Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) students, All Students / Candidates are advised to take note of the above and act accordingly.

All concerned are advised to visit the official website ( of the lnstitute for more updates/ notifications related to the academic calendar and examination schedule/guidelines.

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Why CA and CMA Foundation Students Fear Maths

Maths for CA CMA Foundation students

Maths could be your key to clear aggregate in CA and CMA Foundation exams

Maths for CA CMA Foundation studentsA CA or CMA Foundation Student often comes across a notion that Maths is out of his/her capability. This idea is so deeply planted in their thoughts that they actually start doubting their mathematical abilities.

Now you would ask


Of course, We the Teachers, We the Parents keep telling them this lie. Coaching Institutes preach them to just memorize the questions and their answers.

This tragic reality hit me when I first taught mathematics to CMA Foundation and CA Foundation students. When I told them that Basic Mathematics is a very simple and interesting subject, guess what their reaction was… NONE OF THEM BELIEVED ME and thought that I am some crazy person. However, as the the batches progressed I was able to reach the root of this problem. The Problem of Low Confidence in Maths faced by majority of commerce students.

I always believed that we all can learn anything, at least the basics. No matter what IQ level one has, there is always a possibility for everyone to understand the fundamentals of whatever he/she wishes to learn. The problem arises when we start to doubt ourselves.

World will always tell you that “You Can’t Do It.”

The fear of Maths that you all face as commerce students, is not because you are not capable, it is because you have not given this subject a good amount of time to read, understand and practice. After all, basic maths is all about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. If you know these four operations, then congratulations

You can master the basic mathematics

Love this subject, Learn this subject. This is the only subject where you can score 100% marks with 100% surety, if you have prepared well. No other subject offers you this kind of luxury. Just think like this:

Mathematics can help you to clear in Aggregate of your foundations exams

This is all for today. Stay tuned for more interesting articles on this subject. See You.

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LectureKart Wishes you a Happy CA Day

LectureKart wishes you a Happy CA Day
LectureKart wishes you a Happy CA Day

On July 1st, 1949, an act of Parliament gave birth to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Founded a year before the Constitution of the country was formalized, the ICAI counts itself among the oldest professional institutions in the country. It is the second largest professional accounting and finance body in the world in terms of members, with a current roster of about 2.5 lakhs members.