Tips & Tricks for CS Exe MCQ Based Exams

By CS Aditi Pant December 2022

Elimination Theory

When you get a tough question & unsure about right answer, go through all the options and rule out the wrong ones first and then reach the correct one.

More you guess, More you get confused

Guessing the answer for the exam is no less than getting hypnotized. The more you look into the question, the more you will be left confused.

Be abreast with your study material

The best way to crack any MCQ based examination is by being abreast of the concept and basics. So always read the modules at least once.

3 Golden Rules for MCQ Exams

Attempt as many questions as possible BUT Leave out those you are doubtful about AND Read the question twice before ticking the right answer

Intuition is Right more often than not

If you get too much confused, listen to your intuition. The first pick is often right. Stay calm & confident. A calm mind can pick answers easily.

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