Drafting, Pleadings & Appearances  Exam Tips

By CS Aditi Pant

28 Dec 2022 Attempt

The Drafting Paper includes Sections from Acts like

Companies Act


Stamp Act

Registration Act



and so on

So remembering the



them in the answer will fetch you bonus marks.


Solve at least one ICSI past paper before exam. Track time you take to attempt all the questions & finish it within 3 hours. You can download a Sample test from official ICSI website.

Past Year Papers

Use of  Proper Drafting  Language & Beautifully  written answers

Paper Checkers love

Mentioning certain    in your answers will get you more marks. Show off your knowledge

Legal Jargons

Technical terms

First plan your answer then start writing.  Avoid cancelling, scratching &  re-writing.

ALWAYS begin your draft from a FRESH page even if some space is left after the previous answer.

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