ODOP for Company Secretary Executive Level in 2023 - A step by step Guide by LectureKart

How To Complete ODOP for CS Executive in 2023 – A Step by Step Guide

Today we will discuss the process to complete your ODOP for CS Executive in 2023. It is important to understand the process properly because there is a lot of confusion among the students regarding ONLINE vs OFFLINE vs VIRTUAL ODOP. This article will clear all your doubts related to ODOP for CS Executive in 2023.


There is a lot of confusion regarding Online vs Offline vs Virtual ODOP among students of CS Executive in 2023. If you are not sure how to complete your ODOP for CS Executive in 2023 then you are at right place. LectureKart is here again with the latest step by step guide on How to Complete Your CS Executive ODOP in 2023.

The one day orientation program for CS Executive students can be easily completed by contacting the ICSI Chapter offices.

During the COVID period, the ONLINE OPTION of ODOP was also given by ICSI. But now as the situations are relatively normal the ICSI is now conducting the One Day Orientation Program through OFFLINE MODE only.

IMPORTANT: As of August 2022, the One Day Orientation Program IS CONDUCTED through OFFLINE MODE only.

Here are some easy steps to complete the ODOP through Offline Mode. So without wasting any more time lets start.

Step 1

ICSI sends the email regarding the ODOP along with time and date in the registered email Id of the student

Step 2

Interested candidates can contact the respective chapter office through Mail or Phone and complete the registration process by providing complete details.

Step 3

Once the registration process for ODOP is over, the student will get a confirmation email from the concerned chapter of ICSI

Step 4

The student is expected to attend the Program diligently on the appointed date and time as provided by concerned chapter of ICSI.

Step 5

After following all the steps detailed above you will receive a certificate of completion of ODOP as shown below (either in Soft copy or Hard copy as per the procedure followed by the concerned Chapter Office).

ODOP Completion certificate CS Executive

We suggest you to save this certificate somewhere safe. This could be used later to prove that you have successfully completed the one day orientation program for CS Executive by ICSI. So wait no more and go ahead to complete your orientation as soon as possible.


Name of RC / ChapterDate of ProgramContact PersonOfficial Email IDWebsite Link
AGRA6/4/2023Mina Ketan Sarangiagra@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/agra/home/
AHMEDABAD5/4/2023Shital Barot (Ms.)ahmedabad@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/ahmedabad/home/
AJMER25/04/2023, 24/05/2023, 27/06/2023Anand Mishraajmer@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/ajmer/home/
ALWAR21/04/2023, 12/5/2023, 14/06/2023Anand Kumar Aryaalwar@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/alwar/home/
Amaravati20/04/2023D Ramprasadamaravati@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/amaravati/home/
AMRITSAR20/05/2023, 17/06/2023Rani Raizdaamritsar@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/amritsar/home/
BAREILLY25/04/2023, 25/05/2023, 26/06/2023Amit Kumarbareilly@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/bareilly/home/
BELAGAVI15/04/2023, 16/05/2023, 17/06/2023Subhash Bappi Sinhabelagavi@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/belagavi/student/
BENGALURU05/04/2023, 19/04/2023, 03/05/2023, 10/05/2023, 17/05/2023, 14/06/2023, 21/06/2023K.T. Puttarajubengaluru@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/bengaluru/home/
BHAYANDER25/05/2023, 15/06/2023Mohanbhayander@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/bhayander/home/
BHILWARA06/04/2023, 29/04/2023, 10/05/2023, 24/05/2023, 14/06/2023, 28/06/2023Manish Jainbhilwara@icsi.eduhttps://forms.gle/t8ozEkMT5jTEQSam6
BHOPAL05/04/2023, 19/05/2023, 19/06/2023Amita Malviyabhopal@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/bhopal/home/
BHUBANESWAR06/04/2023, 31/05/2023, 30/06/2023U C Mishrabhubaneswar@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/bhubaneswar/home/
BIKANER03/04/2023, 29/04/2023, 08/05/2023, 30/06/2023Mahesh Kr Swarnkarbikaner@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/bikaner/home/
Chandigarh05/04/2023, 17/05/2023, 21/06/2023Shikha Mittalchandigarh@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/chandigarh/home/
CHENNAI RO (SIRC)03/04/2023, 27/04/2023, 12/05/2023, 30/05/2023, 13/06/2023, 28/06/2023S Janani (Ms.)s.janani@icsi.edu / siro@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/siro/home/
COIMBATORE06/04/2023, 20/04/2023, 17/05/2023, 26/05/2023, 14/06/2023Sreejith Pcoimbatore@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/coimbatore/home/
DOMBIVLI05/04/2023, 18/04/2023, 26/04/2023, 03/05/2023, 16/05/2023, 24/05/2023, 13/06/2023, 27/06/2023Manorama Rautela (Ms.)dombivli@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/dombivli/home/
FARIDABAD10/04/2023, 19/04/2023, 28/04/2023, 06/05/2023, 12/05/2023, 20/05/2023, 30/05/2023, 15/06/2023, 21/06/2023, 30/06/2023Mohammad Aslammohammad.aslam@icsi.edu / faridabad@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/faridabad/home/
GHAZIABAD15/04/2023, 29/04/2023, 15/05/2023, 31/05/2023, 15/06/2023, 30/06/2023Rahul Vermaghaziabad@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/ghaziabad/home/
GOA06/04/2023, 23/06/2023Vasant Kerkargoa@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/goa/home/
GORAKHPUR29/04/2023, 25/05/2023, 17/06/2023, 30/06/2023Arvind Kumargorakhpur@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/gorakhpur/home/
GURUGRAM15/04/2023, 29/04/2023, 12/05/2023, 24/05/2023, 15/06/2023, 23/06/2023Amit Likhyanigurugram@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/gurugram/home/
GUWAHATI (NE)27/04/2023, 25/05/2023, 28/06/2023Chiranjeeb Sarma Royguwahati@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/guwahati/home/
HOOGHLY05/04/2023, 27/04/2023, 08/05/2023, 26/05/2023, 14/06/2023, 28/06/2023Chandra Nath Kunduhooghly@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/hooghly/home/
HYDERABAD05/04/2023, 25/04/2023, 16/05/2023, 26/05/2023, 20/06/2023, 30/06/2023V Srinivashyderabad@icsi.eduhttps://icsi.edu/hyderabad/home/
INDORE06/04/2023, 02/05/2023, 09/05/2023, 30/05/2023, 20/06/2023Ankita Baldwaindore@icsi.eduhttps://icsi.edu/indore/home/
JAIPUR19/04/2023, 19/05/2023, 19/06/2023Makkhan Laljaipur@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/jaipur/home/
JALANDHAR06/04/2023, 10/05/2023, 13/06/2023Manish KumarJalandhar@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/jalandhar/home/
JAMSHEDPUR06/04/2023, 23/06/2023Rajeev Ranjan Jhajamshedpur@icsi.eduwww.icsi.edu/jamshedpur/home/
JODHPUR20/05/2023Tapas Kr Mazumdarjodhpur@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/jodhpur/home/
KANPUR17/04/2023, 17/05/2023, 17/06/2023Kunwar Lal Kushwahakanpur@icsi.eduhttps://icsi.edu/kanpur/student
KARNAL21/04/2023, 12/05/2023, 26/05/2023, 23/06/2023Sanjay Jakhmolakarnal@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/karnal/home/
KOCHI27/04/2023, 25/05/2023, 15/06/2023Smita Subin (Ms.)kochi@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/kochi/home/
KOLKATA RO (EIRC)06/04/2023, 28/04/2023, 12/05/2023, 26/05/2023, 14/06/2023, 27/06/2023Goutam Karmakargoutam.karmakar@icsi.edu / eiro@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/eiro/home/
KOZHIKODE21/04/2023, 26/05/2023, 23/06/2023Padmarajan Ekozhikode@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/kozhikode/home/
LUCKNOW06/04/2023, 25/04/2023, 11/05/2023, 25/05/2023, 16/06/2023, 27/06/2023Ravi Krishna Srivastavalucknow@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/lucknow/home/
LUDHIANA20/04/2023, 20/05/2023, 20/06/2023Kamal Kumar Soniludhiana@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/ludhiana/home/
MANGALURU20/05/2023, 17/06/2023Shankar Bmangaluru@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/mangaluru/home/
MEERUT29/04/2023, 23/06/2023Salim Ahmedmeerut@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/meerut/home/
MODINAGAR15/04/2023, 20/05/2023, 17/06/2023Anil Kumar Upadhyaymodinagar@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/modinagar/home/
MYSURU20/05/2023N Dhanabalmysuru@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/mysuru/home/
NAGPUR21/04/2023, 26/05/2023, 23/06/2023Sudhakar Aisalwarunagpur@icsi.eduhttps://icsi.edu/nagpur/student/
NASHIK21/04/2023, 12/05/2023, 30/05/2023, 17/06/2023Amit Kumarnashik@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/nashik/home/
NAVIMUMBAI06/04/2023, 14/04/2023, 12/05/2023, 26/05/2023, 15/06/2023, 28/06/2023Usha D Sonavane (Ms.)navimumbai@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/navimumbai/home/
NOIDA06/04/2023, 29/04/2023, 06/05/2023, 24/05/2023, 15/06/2023, 27/06/2023Suman Iyer (Ms.)noida@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/noida/home/
PALAKKAD20/05/2023, 31/05/2023, 17/06/2023, 27/06/2023S V Vinod Kumarpalakkad@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/palakkad/home/
PANIPAT29/04/2023, 20/05/2023, 17/06/2023Sanjeev Kr Sharmasanjeev.sharma@icsi.edu / panipat@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/panipat/home/
PATNA05/04/2023, 16/05/2023, 23/06/2023Manoj Kumarpatna@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/patna/home/
PRAYAGRAJ29/04/2023, 22/05/2023, 26/06/2023Amitabh Shuklaprayagraj@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/prayagraj/student/
RAJKOT05/04/2023, 27/04/2023, 10/05/2023, 25/05/2023, 15/06/2023, 28/06/2023Raj Kumar Rairajkot@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/rajkot/home/
RANCHI18/04/2023, 20/05/2023, 15/06/2023Shashi Bhushan Prasadranchi@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/ranchi/student/
SALEM20/05/2023Sundar Swamy Ssalem@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/salem/home/
SHIMLA15/04/2023, 20/05/2023, 21/06/2023C K Chandrachandan.chandra@icsi.edu / shimla@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/shimla/home/
SILIGURI06/04/2023, 20/05/2023, 17/06/2023Sudipta Duttasiliguri@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/siliguri/home/
SRINAGAR15/04/2023, 20/05/2023, 17/06/2023Shabir Ahmad Lonesrinagar@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/srinagar/home/
SURAT29/04/2023, 26/05/2023, 28/06/2023Ratnesh Kumarsurat@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/surat/home/
THANE03/04/2023, 10/04/2023, 29/04/2023, 22/05/2023, 31/05/2023, 13/06/2023, 30/06/2023Sakshi Kadam (Ms.)thane@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/thane/home/
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM29/04/2023, 20/05/2023, 17/06/2023Sandhya Austine (Ms.)tvm@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/thiruvananthapuram/home/
VARANASI15/04/2023, 20/05/2023, 17/06/2023Ashish Kumar Tiwarivaranasi@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/varanasi/home/
VISAKHAPATNAM10/04/2023, 22/05/2023, 26/06/2023Prv Sivarama Krishnavpatnam@icsi.eduhttps://www.icsi.edu/visakhapatnam/home/

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    how will i register can you please help me

  2. Sir my name is vishal patidar amd i am register in cs executive and i am choose odop through online mode and in e learning portal odop is show
    Sir please reply
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